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Do you know the properties of calcium hypochlorite?

Do you know what calcium hypochlorite has? What are the chemical properties of calcium hypochlorite? What type of substance can it react with? How was it made again?

Calcium hypochlorite is a typical weak acid salt that is easily hydrolyzed and alkaline. It can react with stronger acids, such as carbon dioxide. Adding CO2 to calcium hypochlorite will produce hypochlorite and calcium carbonate, which is the principle of enhanced bleaching effect. It also has strong oxidizing properties and reacts with reducing substances, similar to various colored organic compounds. This is its bleaching principle, which will oxidize the chromogenic groups of colored organic compounds and cause them to fade, Chlorine gas is introduced into the lime milk. It is an effective component of bleaching powder, and due to its solubility in water, it can react with carbon dioxide in the air. HCIO has strong oxidizing properties and can be bleached.

It can react with acidic substances such as HCL H2SO4 NaHSO4, and can also react with carbonates such as Na2CO3

Is the preparation method CL2+Ca (OH) 2 (reaction of chlorine gas with lime water)?