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Can bleach powder be used for drinking water?

Bleaching powder essence cannot be used for disinfection of drinking water. This product has efficient bleaching, disinfection, and sterilization effects, and is widely used for bleaching of paper, cotton and linen fabrics, treatment of industrial wastewater, intermediates in industrial manufacturing, disinfection of drinking water and aquaculture, cleaning and hygiene of public places, and bacterial control in the food industry. It can also be used for household disinfection (such as drinking water, swimming pools, vegetables, fruits, and bathrooms), and as a raw material for chemical agents in the military industry.

The content of bleaching powder is high, with strong stability and easy retention, making transportation convenient.

Usage of Bleaching Powder Essence

1100kg 65% bleach powder can be added to 1 ton of water to make a bleaching solution with an effective chlorine content of 6.5%

2. Add 1.7 grams of bleaching powder to 1 ton of water to prepare disinfectant water with an efficiency of 1 millionth

Bleaching powder essence: The main component is Ca (ClO) 2, which is a white or slightly gray granular solid. UNNO: 2880, IMDG: 5.1. Mainly used for water treatment, such as bleaching, disinfection and sterilization, and biochemical treatment of pollutants.